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Hayes Way
Patchway, BS34

Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum and learning centre being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. It will tell the story of the region's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future. The Aerospace Bristol project is being run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust.

Old News

Blenheim Mark I components donated to BAC

Nick Livingstone

The Bristol Aero Collection has recently received a number of components from a Mark I Blenheim. Shortly after World War 2, a Filton employee, Ralph Nelson acquired the nose from an ex-RAF Blenheim Mark I, later identified as L6739. He converted the nose into an electric car, on an Austin 7 chassis, and drove it around Bristol until 1953. In 1990 the car was donated to the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford, who are now in the process of fitting the nose to their airworthy Bolingbroke airframe, which will result in the first flying Blenheim Mark I in over 60 years.

Ralph Nelson with his electric car

In June 2008, David Bradley, the project manager for the Bristol Aero Collections own Bolingbroke restoration, received a phone call from a lady who had recently become the owner of the house where Ralph Nelson had lived. She discovered some aircraft parts in outbuildings and wondered if they would be of use to the BAC. David investigated and between BAC and Duxford they will be able to use all the parts in their respective rebuilds of Bristol aircraft.

Bristol Aero Collections Bolingbroke Restoration
The Blenheim Society - Blenheim Mk I Restoration