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Hayes Way
Patchway, BS34

Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum and learning centre being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. It will tell the story of the region's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future. The Aerospace Bristol project is being run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust.

Old News

Brabazon anniversary

Nick Livingstone

On 4th September 1949, 60 years ago this month, the huge Bristol Brabazon airliner made its first flight from Filtons runway. The prototype was powered by eight Bristol Centaurus piston engines, coupled in twos. Although it never entered production, the project helped to develop many features we take for granted today, including pressurised cabins. It also led onto the manufacture of the Britannia airliner, and secured the factories future in airliner development and construction. Enjoy these news clips from time!