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Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum and learning centre being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. It will tell the story of the region's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future. The Aerospace Bristol project is being run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust.

Droop Nose


activating concorde’s droop nose

Our conservation team and volunteers are currently working on an exciting project to celebrate Concorde50: activating Concorde’s droop nose, which could be lowered to improve visibility of runways and taxiways.

The droop nose of Concorde Alpha Foxtrot has not operated since the aircraft was decommissioned and the hydraulic fluid drained, following its final flight in November 2003.

To celebrate Concorde50, we aim to have the droop nose working by 9th April 2019: the 50th anniversary of the first British Concorde flight.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who have so generously given their time to this project.

Concorde50 png.png

Concorde G-BOAF Filton 26 Nov 03 (Credit: BAE Systems)


Making it happen

To make this special project a reality, we need to establish a method of energising the hydraulic system for the droop nose without affecting any other systems on the aircraft. We also need to activate some of the original aircraft electrical system to be able to select the nose up and down.

To do this, we have laid new cables under the aircraft floor to supply a transformer, which will take the voltage to 28volts. This is compatible with the aircraft, allowing us to use the original aircraft selectors.

The next issue to overcome is to supply 3000psi of hydraulic pressure to the droop nose system. Zeus Hydratech have kindly agreed to supply us with a bespoke motor and pump unit (power pack).

To effect simple connectivity to the existing hydraulic circuit, it was decided the power pack would be installed inside the Concorde nose wheel bay.

progress so far…

Droop nose progress
Droop nose progress

support concorde and the droop nose project

Show your support for Aerospace Bristol during Concorde50 and help us to preserve and treasure Concorde Alpha Foxtrot for future generations to enjoy.

By supporting the appeal, you will play your part in the exciting droop nose project and help to inspire young people to become the engineers of the next 50 years and beyond.

Support the Concorde 50th Anniversary Appeal and receive exclusive commemorative gifts.

Support the Concorde 50th Anniversary Appeal and receive exclusive commemorative gifts.