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Hayes Way
Patchway, BS34

Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum and learning centre being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. It will tell the story of the region's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future. The Aerospace Bristol project is being run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust.

Key stage 2

Visit Aerospace Bristol and take your pupils on an exciting journey through time and the sessions we offer for Key Stage 2 students

Credit: MoD Crown Copyright

Credit: MoD Crown Copyright

Credit: MoD Crown Copyright

Credit: MoD Crown Copyright

key stage 2

Our interactive workshops take place in our fully equipped learning spaces with specialist facilities, which are led by a member of the Learning Team.

key stage 2: engineers of the future

Learn about the aeroplanes in Bristol’s history that have influence the aerospace industry for over 100 years and how aviation has changed and developed throughout this time. Think how the industry might continue to progress by creating and testing pupils own designs of aeroplane of the future.

- Science (Forces), History and DT

key stage 2: supersonic sound

Develop your understanding of sound, looking at how it is made and how it travels to our ears.  Learn about the sound levels produced by Concorde and then work together to create the most effective device to muffle the sound made by a jet engine.

- Science (Sound)

Upper key stage 2: blast off rockets

In this practical STEM activity session, pupils explore Bristol’s rich aerospace history and the great minds involved. Then pupils will look to the future, exploring the physics behind sending humans to space before designing and testing their very own rockets - just like the engineers of Filton’s Dynamics and Space Division!

- Science (Forces) and History

Upper key stage 2: layer it up

Explore the different materials used to make aircrafts through history, then make your own composite by layering different materials and testing its strength, and learn how scientists today are continuing to develop these materials.

- Science (Materials)

Key Stage 2: Mission to Mars: Cracking coding

In this interactive workshop, pupils will put their scratch coding skills to the test by trying to complete a research mission on Mars. Once they have successfully programmed their Mars rover to collect rock samples, they will work scientifically to investigate which Martian material will be best for build the future homes on the planet.

- Computing (Coding), Maths and Science (Space, Chemical Reactions)

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Our Key Stage 2 pupils learnt a lot in their session.
— Year 5 Teacher

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Key Stage 2