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Hayes Way
Patchway, BS34

Aerospace Bristol is a new industrial heritage museum and learning centre being developed at Filton, to the north of Bristol. It will tell the story of the region's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future. The Aerospace Bristol project is being run by the Bristol Aero Collection Trust.

The Aerospace Bristol vision

As a first-class museum with learning at its heart, Aerospace Bristol aims to inspire and entertain future generations, through the presentation of the stories and achievements of Bristol's world-class aerospace industry - past, present and future



Every visit to Aerospace Bristol, and every kind donation, helps the Bristol Aero Collection Trust (registered charity number 1010632) to advance learning and skills in science and technology and inspire the next generation of engineers.


OUR Aims

  • Advance learning, skills and training particularly in science, technology, engineering and design, as well as heritage conservation skills.

  • Conserve Bristol's aerospace heritage for present and future generations to experience, appreciate and enjoy.

  • Celebrate the world class achievements of the aerospace industry in Bristol and the people who made it possible.

Our Vision


For over a century, Bristol has been at the forefront of aeronautical and space technology, breaking boundaries to create the fastest, the biggest and the highest. Aerospace Bristol will entertain visitors with stories of human endeavour, individual genius and ordinary people achieving extraordinary things.



Aerospace Bristol uses examples of great innovation, such as Concorde and space flight, to inspire the engineers of tomorrow.

Concorde is a symbol of the UK's ambition, innovation, collaboration and technological achievement. Bristol can safely claim to be the true home of Concorde. The airframe and the engines were largely developed here, the UK assembly line was located here, and all UK Concordes made their maiden flight from Filton's runway.

Our Vision


Education and learning is at the heart of Aerospace Bristol.

From the earliest days of powered flight to the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow, visitors are inspired by fun practical science interactives and amazing exhibits, including aeroplanes, helicopters, missiles, satellites and more.

Developed with industry partners, our inspiring and practical learning programme encourage school pupils to develop STEM skills and discover the possibilities of exciting future careers in science and engineering.


Restore and conserve

The museum aims to restore and conserve artefacts that are significant to Bristol's aerospace heritage. Find out more about our restoration projects, and you can get involved, including plans to bring a Bristol Freighter home to the UK from New Zealand to become the only one of its kind in Europe.

Our Vision